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Who is Heirloom for?

We designed Heirloom for busy people who have no patience for complexity. Heirloom provides a basic Will and Guardianship of Minor in an easy to use digital format. It is for people with relatively simple estates, as in assets in a single state/country. Most likely you are a working professional, married and have children and/or pets. Heirloom isn't for people with complex estates or those needing a Trust.

How does it work?

We have designed a simple questionnaire to guide you through creating your Will. Once you answer the questions, your Will will be created. We will review it for you to make sure there are no mistakes, then we will print it and send it to you. Sign it, have it witnessed and then store it. It's that simple. The important people listed in your Will on Heirloom will be notified so they know where to find it.

Is it secure?

We use state of the art encryption for maximum security of your data.
You own your data and we will never claim it as our own.

"This is exactly what I was looking for. I had a paper-based Will but couldn't make changes easily. Now I can make updates in one click!"

— Jordan, entrepreneur / rebel momma